The Biggest Charity Groups in Ohio

If you are interested in helping out people in your community, you may want to learn about some of the biggest charity groups in Ohio. There are many, including the United Way, American Children’s Charity Task Force, the Kiwanis Club, and Foodbanks. These organizations all work hard to support those in need.

United Way

The United Way is one of the largest charity groups in the nation. Since 1958, this organization has been an essential community partner, helping to meet the needs of people in need.

United Way is a local organization, and its volunteers and staff live in the neighborhoods they serve. This enables the nonprofit organization to maximize the charitable dollars it raises.

It is one of the best ways to help those in need in the upper Ohio Valley. It supports communities in Monroe County in Ohio and Tyler County and Marshall County in West Virginia.

In the early 1900s, women and clergy in Denver, Colorado recognized a need for cooperative action. They formed a nonprofit organization that coordinated services and fund-raising campaigns for 22 agencies.

American Children’s Charity Task Force

One of the tastier groups to be found at the Cleveland Clinic is the American Children’s Charity Task Force. It has been around for quite some time and is a worthy addition to the health care providers roster. The organization has a slew of accolades to its name including the accolades of best charity, best hospital, and top child-care program among others. Among the more than 450 employees, the group boasts a well-balanced mix of adolescent and adolescent males and adolescent females. Not to mention the requisite perks such as health insurance, employee discounts, and employee recognition programs. In short, it’s one of the nicest places to work and play.

Kiwanis Club

Kiwanis is an international service organization headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, founded in 1915. Its purpose is to provide services to improve the lives of children and adults. The organization operates clubs for adults, youth, and families.

In recent years, Kiwanis has adopted a new motto. Its focus is on ‘Changing the World One Child at a Time’.

Kiwanis Clubs around the world have been helping kids by donating toys and other goods, distributing them to underprivileged families, and offering a range of clubs for young people. These clubs help kids through school programs, community projects, and volunteer opportunities.

Some of the local Kiwanis clubs offer scholarships. Welsh Hills School and C-TEC also offer scholarships.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a major charity group in the United States. It provides emergency assistance in the aftermath of natural disasters. In addition, it coordinates federal efforts to respond to natural disasters.

During Hurricane Katrina, the Red Cross raised $2.1 billion for Katrina relief, which was a large sum for a nonprofit. However, the charity had some stumbling blocks.

One of the more notable donations was the Clinton-Bush Katrina Relief Fund, which raised a substantial amount of money. Despite the significant funds raised by the charitable group, the organization still faces questions over its management.

Another example is the National VOAD, which coordinated daily conference calls with the American Red Cross and other national disaster relief organizations. These calls helped to identify regions most in need of charitable services and to coordinate supplies.


Food banks are a staple of the state’s charity scene, helping people in need through the good, the bad and the downright ugly. There are over 3600 hunger relief organizations in the state, and while some of them are small, others are massive, relying on charitable dollars to buy food in bulk.

A food bank’s most important task is feeding the hungry. They provide the infrastructure and food to hundreds of food pantries across the state, but also work with dozens of partner organizations to assist the most needy. These include nonprofits, government agencies, and churches. In addition to distributing free food, they can help low income families find work, and even refer people to other programs.

Private foundations

A private foundation is a charitable organization established for a particular purpose. The organization may be operated by family members, or it may be run by a board of directors. Regardless of the type of structure, the foundation is usually a tax-exempt, nonprofit entity.

Private foundations are independent legal entities, funded by individuals or by a corporation. They are usually governed by a board of directors or by a group of trustees.

There are many advantages to operating a private foundation. Not only do donors enjoy significant tax benefits, but they also have full control over the assets donated to the foundation. This allows them to make gifts to charities that are important to them.

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