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Youngstown NORML's mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty.

Youngstown NORML is an officially recognized affiliate of NORML, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, located in Washington D.C.

About Youngstown NORML

Youngstown NORML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which seeks to represent the interests of Ohio citizens who believe the medical and recreational use of marijuana should no longer be a crime. Check us out and meet up with with friendly, like-minded people to discuss issues surrounding both marijuana and the laws governing it's use. Through civil and political action, we can advance our state's drug laws toward a more sensible policy.

Ending marijuana prohibition is not a partisan issue. Prohibition is a conservative issue, a liberal issue, a libertarian issue, it affects us all and crosses all political boundaries.

Our meetings will be held every month beginning in March, 2017. Locations and dates will be announced in advance on this site, Facebook, Twitter.

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