Ohio Norml adds Former All American

Ohio Norml adds Marion County

Ohio Norml adds Former All American

August 20, 2017
Contact: Cheryl Neufer

Ohio Norml adds Marion County


     Ohio NORML has announced today the establishment of the Marion County NORML Chapter.  Marion County will be the 6th Ohio Regional Chapter to join National organization for the reform of marijuana laws. Marion Native, Edward T. McCants will serve as the Chair for Marion County NORML.

     We are very fortunate to have a nationally known figure like Ed on board. He is well documented in his commitment to the state of Ohio and has represented the state as a student and professional Athlete. Formerly an All American in Collegiate Basketball, McCants most recently led a local March against heroin in Marion Ohio, pledging to donate $200k towards much needed treatment facilities in the event they won. What was accomplished was much more, garnering the 7th most votes in the Midwest, McCants cleverly used every media contact to spread a message that states where medical marijuana has been legalized has seen 25% decline in opiate related deaths.

      McCants States: “Ohioans will never be the same once they realize what has happened. Our Governing bodies failed to protect the public from the frenzy of prescription drugs, while our tax dollars were spent on convincing us of the harms of marijuana. I was a D.A.R.E. kid of Ohio! As a 2nd year graduate student, I am extremely disappointed in the over-medication of children overall in the United States, and especially here in Ohio.  Nearly 200 Billion Dollars have been made in the pharmaceutical field, yet we still lack the facilities in a time declared National Emergency. People are sick, people have been falsely incarcerated, and most of all Ohio's trust has been breached. I hope to help NORML & Ohio NORML fight for the lives of those not yet able to receive treatment (qualifying condition) but also to legalize marijuana, and make sure reparations are given to the people that have been hurt.  We voted down a monopoly in Ohio, we should aspire to copy the legislation of Colorado. Both the people and the Government are able to work together in taking care of education and early resource opportunities, while supplying thousands of jobs, decreasing crime, welfare & taxes. Marijuana will provide much needed relief in this time of despair for Ohio.”

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     The Marion County Chapter which sponsors Marion's annual march against heroin, will open up at Annual Marion Popcorn Festival Parade in Marion Ohio in September. McCants will also be speaking during the "kick it off" tour near Dayton Ohio. Details will be released at the end of September 2017. Board and new committee chairs will be announced in upcoming Marion County Chapter news.

     Our initial goal at this time is to the importance of getting as many qualifying conditions as we can that are showing positive results. If you would like more information to end prohibition, or have questions about the laws and policies in your area please follow us on Facebook or twitter.

     Ohio NORML will be hosting its annual Harvest Festival on September 29th to October 1st at Coon Hunters Association 8129 Coon Club Rd. Medina, Ohio 44256. For more information or to make a donation to Ohio NORML visit www.info@ohionorml.org.





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